Engaging Daily With The Bible

Journey Maker

The American Bible Society (ABS) is committed to delivering the Bible to the world’s hard to reach places, across languages, translations and technologies. ABS approached us to help them solve the problem of getting more people to engage with the Bible daily digitally.

Getting started

We asked questions. How is this different from similar apps out there? Would it work like Basecamp, only with communities instead of projects? What models could we try? Our list of features was long (and growing).

All this came from a week-long war-room session. ABS joined us in The Factory for a week full of brainstorming, discussing and analyzing. We pursued countless directions, making sure we weren’t discounting anything. These war-room sessions are a key part of how Elevator Up creates value for its clients—by the end, everyone involved is in agreement, is excited and ready to go all out in the proper direction.

Visual design & UI styles

Through style tiles, iteration, and feedback we created a visual style that is calm, welcoming, yet a bit adventurous. We created a system of color, pattern, button styles, icons and forms to use throughout the application.

buttons palette user interface
  • Dashboard

    Creators can manage their community’s Journeys from their dashboard, and create new content.

  • Reports

    Keep track of how many readers are following each of your Journeys. See how many are using SMS versus Email, and follow along to see how many people have completed each Journey.

  • Connections

    In connections, community managers can share content with other communities. This allows communities to recycle Journey content to their readers automatically.

  • People

    Add other people to your community as contributors to help in creating and managing Journey content.

  • Branding

    Change your community’s name, description, social media links, logo and badge.

Create Content

Creators can create Journeys to share with their followers. Journeys are usually based around a topic. Examples of topics being love, faith, the Disciples, Easter, etc.

Edit & Add

After creating a Journey, creators can edit each day’s content by adding a passage, commentary, video, and audio.


Creators can customize their Journey by editing the details. Here the creator can set when the Journey will begin, add a badge and change the title and description.

  • SMS Integration

    Using Twilio, JourneyMaker is integrated with SMS technology. Followers can decide to subscribe via SMS and receive daily messages on their phone via text.

live communities & journeys

After signing up and creating a Journey, live versions of a creator’s published work is up and running for the world to find. Public pages are available across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.