Daily Reading from Your Device

Journeys Mobile

After building out the web based version of JourneyMaker, ABS challenged us to deliver community specific content to readers via iOS and Android devices. We wanted to piggy-back on the platforms respective stores as a distribution channel to make it easier for a community to engage with their followers in daily Bible reading.

Mobile IA, UX & Wireframing

To explore options as a group, we used whiteboard sketches. Then we refined the workflow of the application using higher fidelity wireframes, along with pencil and paper. Then we dipped into even more detailed sketching to experiment with different interactions and layout options.

The App

After we had the workflow and wireframes set, we moved into visual design and then development as fast as possible.

  • Subscribe

    Explore topics within the app, and choose Journeys to sign up for.

  • Get Notified

    After signing up, users can receive notifications each day to remind them about their readings.

  • Read Daily

    Keep track and follow along to daily readings from the Today screen.

Cordova, Backbone.js & Development

ABS has prior experience building products with the Backbone.js framework and the Cordova/Phonegap platform. We stuck with that tool-chain to retain multiple platform support and take advantage of app stores as distribution channels. We also extended Cordova/Phonegap community plugins to implement native notifications and usage analytics.


We also built a few automated tools in Ruby, so that it is easy to create a new app for a new community. This allows us to provide a level of customization for each new community, such as custom colors, images and logos.