Our Approach

Every project has its own challenges and needs. This requires a nimble and tailored approach to solving problems. Each part of our process happens throughout the life of a project, (sometimes at the exact same time) ebbing and flowing as needs arise rather than a sequential “waterfall” from one section to another.


Explore, Observe & Evaluate

The purpose of the discovery is to observe, explore, evaluate and gather everything needed to understand the problem at hand. This stage of a process is very exploratory and hands-on. You can expect lots of time in front of a white board and in spirited discussion. We also like to leave time for discovery for later stages in the project.


Architect + Articulate

After discovering the lay of the land, it’s time to analyze the problem and architect a solution with a clear product vision. The possibilities are usually endless so it’s important we clearly articulate the scope of the problem and plan to tackle it appropriately.


Design, Build, Iterate

Creation requires the most effort from a design and development perspective. Building heavily on our discoveries and understanding, we create solution(s) to achieve the project’s goals and vision. With wire-frames, workflows and user stories being key communication points, there will always be self-discovery and learning along the way. So it’s important to have a commitment to iterative cycles of building as a team.