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To Elevator Up, hiring isn't a focus on getting larger, but continuing to improve what we do and putting the right people in place to lead.

We're always seeking self-motivated and collaborative people who are curious about their craft. We look for the right combination of people and how they work together more than the role. Yes, your skill set should align, but our team values a positive and supportive learning environment, and we're open to a conversation. If you think you're a good fit, or know someone who is, say hello.

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Benefits & Perks

  • Health Insurance We pay for 100% of your monthly premium and contribute to your HSA.

  • Downtown Parking A monthly allowance for parking in downtown Grand Rapids.

  • Paid Time Off Enjoy nine paid holidays, three weeks of vacation time, and 20 hours of personal time.

  • Education Bonus We provide an annual education bonus to help you mature your craft.

  • New Parent Leave To welcome the newest member of your family.

  • Not-Your-Typical Work Environment We work out of The Factory; a coworking space for collaboration with other small companies and community members.

  • Tools of the Trade We provide you with things like a Mac, a nice Steelcase chair, a portable desk for collaboration and whatever you need to do the job

  • Delicious Coffee Locally roasted Rowster's coffee is always on.

  • Profit Sharing When the company makes extra profit, so do you.

  • Debt-free Focus We're a debt-free company and we help our team members get to that place too.

From the Crew

I'm humbled everyday that I get to work with the most talented people, propelling them forward and helping them be the best versions of themselves through participation, collaboration, and togetherness. Amelie Community Manager at The Factory
We got heart. I mean that - you hear a lot about community, passionate teams and a trusted partner but Elevator Up lives and breathes this. I am proud of our team and I am excited where we are going! Justin Business Development
Every now and again I think, “Woah, I am really getting paid to do what I went to school for.” Seriously, how neat is that? Emily Designer
It's great to work at a place that not only allows community engagement, but genuinely encourages it. Tori Studio Manager
Before I came to EU I considered myself amongst the best in my field. Over four years later, I've learned so much and that's finally true. Pre-EU Me was such a n00b. Andy Interactive Developer

Thoughts from The Team

  • Encouraging a Culture of Joy Every organization has an emotional culture, but it must be managed and enacted in the “micromoments” of daily organizational life.

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  • Creativity and Confidence Lack of confidence rears its disheartening head in many forms. We’ve all been there. You feel like you should know what the hell you’re doing, but you don’t.

    Read on

  • Thoughts on Radical Candor Radical Candor relates to our core value because it encourages transparency, openness, and management of expectations within a team.

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Street Cred & Stats

We love helping our clients.

Thomson Reuters American Bible Society Baker Publishing Group Turnstone Oklahome Weslyan University Smarter Services The Stow Company International Finance Corporation / World Bank

  • Years in Business

  • 10 Ventures Launched

  • 189 Books in the EU Library

  • 100% Debt Free

Open Positions

We'll give you a chance to work on some great projects and develop your skills in exchange for your dedication and doing what you love. If you think you're a good fit, or know someone who is, let's connect.

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