A Time Machine for your Website


The Atlanta, GA based startup got in touch with us to help them assess their application’s sign up process and internal dashboard. CodeGuard’s product let’s users sign up to have their websites and databases backed up on a daily basis. Users are notified when there have been changes on their site.

Evaluating the app

We evaluated the state of the CodeGuard signup process and internal application to identify areas for improvement. To do this we spent time in their product and brainstormed ways to solve the problems users had been having.

Create, Connect, capture, CodeGuard

The sign up process was in need of a revamp, the experience was confusing and hard to follow. We created a four step process, and used existing illustrators to guide the user through the sign up process.

  • Create

  • Connect

  • Capture

  • Codeguard

Dashboard, redesigned

With the internal dashboard, we rearchitected the navigation and updated the visual design. We introduced a more diverse, brighter color palette to help show all the data the CodeGuard delivers to users. Included in the design was a file mix chart and a new way to visualize changes to a site.

Front End Development & Back End Integration

Our team became a part of the CodeGuard team. We worked closely together to integrate our visual design and front end development efforts with their back end experts.

heuristic review

Almost a year after we worked on the revised dashboard and sign up process, CodeGuard brought us back in to provide a fresh set of eyes on the changes they had made to their product. We delivered a heuristic review, or a analysis of the product based on accepted rules of good design.