Shaping (and Shipping) Epic Conversions

MyUS is the most-trusted and highest grossing package consolidation company in the world. Shipping packages from US brands to over 220 countries, MyUS partnered with Elevator Up to help increase membership through iterative testing of landing pages, email templates and their membership funnel.

Kicking Things Off

We began the project with a 3-day Identification Workshop at MyUS’ offices in Sarasota, Florida. Together we identified the goals of the project, user types, user needs and desires, and areas where we could achieve optimal impact within a short timespan.

Our main areas of focus were to be the creation of user relevant and country-targeted landing pages, dynamically populated email marketing campaigns, and the creation of a responsive membership funnel. As a unified team we set expectations, distributed responsibilities, and set to work.

Plan, Sketch, Wireframe

We dove as deeply as we could within the constraints of a tight timeline and began strategizing flow maps, then sketching and building wireframes of the new landing page templates.

  • Flow Mapping

  • Sketching

  • Wireframing

Visual Design

Because we would later be partnering with a branding agency to create a new and improved visual style we took a conservative, yet modern approach to the visual design. We knew we would be updating this later in the process so we kept things clean and easy to maintain. This also allowed for country-targeted content and calls-to-action to be the stars of the show.

Optimization of Membership Funnel

In order to obtain and retain new members MyUS recognized that their membership funnel needed work. After extensively iterating on various forms of the funnel we landing on a responsive design and layout that converted a much higher percentage of users and was extremely mobile friendly.

Membership Plan Selection

Upon researching and analyzing MyUS’ current data we realized that the most important aspect of both the landing pages and the membership funnel was the plan section area. In order to drive users towards the selection of a premium plan we created hard-hitting and impactful value propositions and an optimized, eye-catching layout.

During various iterations we explored options like “tombstone” layout styles, responsive grids, and savings calculators. Once data began detecting an uptrend in an iteration we pushed it out to a larger audience and watched the conversions climb.

Integrations With Impact

The team was faced with a variety of integration-related challenges with this project. By staying nimble and willing to dive into many different systems and programs we were able to effectively maximize MyUS’ digital footprint.