Connecting the world to standards


Techstreet, based in Ann Arbor and a division of Thomson Reuters, delivers over 500,000 industry codes and standards from all over the world to their customers. Elevator Up originally started to work with Techstreet as a front end resource for the Techstreet subscription service site. After the subscription site project wrapped, we slowly became involved at a more holistic level with the redesign of

Information Architecture & User experience

We worked closely with the Ann Arbor based Techstreet team and other outside vendors to fully flesh out the wireframes and workflows for the entire transactional site. Working first on the whiteboard to get ideas out in the open let us explore many options for complicated screens very quickly. Later we refined the wireframes with tools like Balsamiq and Photoshop.

Sketch, high fidelity wireframe, live site

adding to cart & checkout

The product detail page & checkout process are critical to the success of the site. We spent time working directly with Techstreet to find the best solution. With daily standups and weekly iterations, we used wireframing, user testing, and visual design to create the best possible solutions.

Checkout. We wanted to keep the user on one screen rather than flowing them through multiple pages

Visual design & UI styles

The visual design was divided up between our team and an internal Thomson Reuters team. We worked together to create a visual direction based on the Thomson Reuters brand guide, that would also work well for such a robust, large website.

Marketing Design

Much of our time spent in IA, UX and UI design went into the interior pages of the site (product detail, checkout, account, etc.). However, to create an experience that was consistent across all the pages, we also worked with Techstreet to design marketing pages.

HTML & css integration

In addition to working with the Techstreet team on IA, UX and visual design, we also worked very closely with them to execute front end development and build out. Techstreet has many experienced back end engineers, so we were able to work closely with them and provide front end development expertise and support.