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“Relaunching a 100 year old start up back into the market”

We helped Montisa identify how to tell its story through a digital platform. By asking “why,” we were able to gain valuable insights and uncover how Montisa is different from the companies in its industry. We were even able to teach the team new language to use to talk about the company. We built upon the branding developed by their external team to design, develop, and launch a microsite to introduce Montisa back into the market.

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Project Showcase

Baker Book House

"Elevator Up can do it all in digital product development, but where they truly excel is in their immersive client service. They strive to understand your business, your environment, your client, and why you do it all - then they help you better the world."

Darron Schroeder, Baker Book House


Part of your business DNA lies in your on-line existence and presentation. The ability to blend who you are as an organization needs to translate to the web – if you get it wrong, you are quickly forgotten. Elevator Up and their team of experts understand this and try to blend your relational DNA into your website so that who you are becomes just as important as what you do and is communicated properly.

Larry Leete, COO, Montisa


Elevator Up has time and again demonstrated the unique ability to internalize the value of our product lines, understand our customer's needs and combine those two into a spectacular experience. Whether it’s a quick style question or a complex project, working with Elevator Up is seamless - it’s like they’re a dedicated part of our internal team.

Jonathan Manuzak, Chief Technology Officer, CodeGuard

International Needs

The EU team did an excellent job of guiding us through the discovery process in a fun and enlightening way. They listened well and challenged us to think deeply about who we are and how we communicate. We did not feel like just another client. We felt like members of the same team.

Sarah Lundberg, Director of Marketing and Operations, International Needs

The Mapping Mindset

Mapping a user’s experience helps us reveal faults in the path and provide a deeper understanding of how we can elevate their experiences. We believe this the is key to an optimal user experience and is why we create journals to help individuals, like you and me, map these experiences anywhere, anytime.

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