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don’t necessarily believe the world is complicated; instead, we believe it’s unorganized. When it comes to working through big ideas, we help by putting the pieces together to clarify what needs to happen to get things done. We know the best way to work is together. That’s why you’ll find us celebrating and upholding the values of collaboration and openness both within our internal and client teams.
Whether you’re launching an idea, adding to an existing one, or working through a relaunch, we’re here to help you get to where you want to go.

Matching roommates,
creating better living experiences is the largest nationwide roommate matching service. We worked with their team to relaunch their website, which offers a completely new mobile-friendly user experience and an updated visual design. We also integrated multiple ways for users to verify their identity to ensure only legitimate members are using their service. We also implemented a secure messaging center, allowing members to keep their conversations on the site without disclosing their personal information.


Codeguard reached out to us to help assess the customer sign up process and redesign its internal dashboard. We also helped create brand standards, giving the company a bold identity.

“Preventing fraud
so real users stay safe”

The Captain is a graph database that logs customer and visitor behavior. By logging actions that are taken by multiple users, The Captain is able to detect patterns that lead to fraud as well as understand various points, both positive and painful ones, that impact the customer journey. When decisions can be made on patterns in behavior, companies can draw insights that lead to higher retainment and happier users.

Our ventures

Because Elevator Up has launched a few ventures of its own, including The Factory, West Michigan’s first coworking community, and Alignment Mapping, our how-to guides for making sense of complicated information, you can be sure we have the experience to help you reach your goals.

“Opening the largest
online Christian bookstore”

We worked with the Baker Book House team to bring the experience their customers have at the Grand Rapids store to the web. This ecommerce system pulls from three core data sources to automate its online catalog of over 200,000 products. By enabling Baker Book House to market and sell books and other products online, the company experienced a 10% increase in revenue.

Sightline Display

We worked with SightLine Display to help clarify their product and service offerings. Together, we developed a new ecommerce platform, which included integrations for an inventory management system.

“Relaunching a 100 year old start up back into the market”

We helped Montisa identify how to tell its story through a digital platform. By asking “why,” we were able to gain valuable insights and uncover how Montisa is different from the companies in its industry. We were even able to teach the team new language to use to talk about the company. We built upon the branding developed by their external team to design, develop, and launch a microsite to introduce Montisa back into the market.

Smarter Services

SmarterServices brought us on board to design and prototype new interfaces for their applications, SmarterMeasure and SmarterProctoring.

“Enabling people across the world to engage with the Bible”

We recently completed work with our longstanding client, American Bible Society, to redesign their API and develop a marketing website. By surveying developers on how they use APIs and mapping the customer journey, we were able to gain powerful insights into how it should be structured and redesigned. Afterward, we built a narrative around their marketing site that reintroduced the API and packaged the information so people knew how to use it.

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